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  • 20 Meter Standard Yacht Price for 1 Hour: 250€ (1-9 Persons)
  • 25 Meters Ultra Luxury Yacht 2 Hours Price: 650€ (1-15 Persons)
  • 28 Meters Ultra Luxury Yacht 2 Hours Price: 750€ (1-21 Person)
  • 32 Meters Mega Yacht 3 Hours Price: 4.500€ (80 Persons)
  • Private yacht charter for you and your family
  • You can benefit from our hourly rates for up to 12 people
  • Soft drink service, fruit plate, snack plate and chocolate plate are included in the price
  • Enjoying music with Bluetooth connection
  • You can add breakfast and dinner with its wide flavor presentation
  • Our Bosphorus tours are organized for a minimum of 2 hours
  • The waiter is compulsory for groups over 4 people
  • Marriage Proposal
  • Birthday Party
  • Anniversary Celebration
  • Swimming Tour
  • Islands Tour


  • Grill Menu (50€)
  • Breakfast Menu (50€)
  • Cocktail Menu (25€)
  • Cake (30€)
  • Bouquet of Roses (40€)
  • Waiter (50€)
  • Violin (100€)
  • VIP Car Rental (150€)
  • 15 Pieces Flying Heart Balloons (60€)
  • Letter-Number Balloon (30€)
  • Red Carpet and Volkan Show at the Entrance (30€)


Istanbul, one of the most important cities in the world; Discover it right in the heart of the Bosphorus with a pleasant journey. Witness Istanbul, with its unique history and buildings, from the sea. Spend unforgettable hours with your loved ones with palaces, mansions, mansions and the unique view of nature.

Although 1-hour yacht tours cover only a part of the Bosphorus, they are generally preferred for short organizations such as marriage proposals. The 2-hour Bosphorus cruise extends to the Maiden’s Tower, with the distance between the two bridges. Tours up to the third bridge should be at least 4 hours.

You can also make your cruise on the Bosphorus with a meal. You can plan a pleasant dinner with your relatives with the wide presentation and delicious menus of our contracted restaurants in the Bosphorus.

You can start the Bosphorus cruise from many points of the Bosphorus. Our yachts; It is located in Kuruçeşme, Arnavutköy and Çengelköy locations.

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