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About Us

Our organization company ‘Surprise Istanbul’, which develops itself rapidly and is based on customer satisfaction, set out with a very strong question: ‘How can we make people happier on their most special days and how can we make their special moments unforgettable?’.. In order to develop its vision and mission with these questions, The service we will offer to make you happy with a solid team that has come together to do their best; It will make us just as happy as you… We are with you in your marriage steps, with different marriage proposal organizations, surprise birthday organizations, anniversary celebrations, helicopter tours, corporate invitations, business lunches, graduation celebrations, Bosphorus tour, islands tour and swimming tours. .

However, there is an important person that should not be forgotten here, and that is you before your loved ones. Because you will be the person who will give them the most special moments. Even the most romantic, most flamboyant marriage proposals will mean nothing if they lack the sparkle of the heart in the eyes. Remember that even a sincere sentence can be on top of a marriage proposal that you put a lot of effort into. The important thing is to make him feel how valuable he is to you. That’s why, as Surpriz Istanbul team, we are aware that every person has a different story and different dreams. Knowing this and reminding you, we want to add your most special moments to the unforgettable ones. For this reason, we are always with you with marriage proposals in different concepts and many surprise organizations.

After contacting us and telling your story, you can be sure that we will create the right marriage proposal organization or surprise organization for you. In addition, we do not leave you alone in all your marriage steps on this special journey. We are trying to decorate your most special days in the most beautiful way with many different titles. We make your love a story with the services of marriage proposal, betrothal, engagement shoot, wedding outdoor shoot, engagement organization on the boat, henna organization on the boat, wedding organization on the boat, bachelorette, after party and anniversary organization on the yacht.

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